2019 Soccer Camp

We are pleased to offer a free soccer camp for the Worcester community on June 17th-20th. Again, this is a FREE soccer camp (no gimmicks, no strings attached). Our hope is that we will equip and train your child in their playing development. Also, throughout the camp we will be teaching your children leadership virtues that range from trust, integrity, and individuality. The camp is offered to students from the ages of 5-13. If you have a child that does not wish to participate in the playing we will have an area dedicated to arts and crafts!

Here are a few frequently asked questions: 

  1. What is the cost?
    1. It’s free! No cost is necessary for your child to participate in the camp.
  2. Where is the camp?
    1. The camp will be held at the soccer field of Elm Park Community School located at 23 N Ashland Street, Worcester, Ma 01609.
  3. What are the times?
    1. The camp runs from 4-6 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday (June 17th & 18th) and from 10-12 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday (June 19th and 20th).
  4. Will my child need to bring anything?
    1. We will provide all of the equipment for the camp. We don’t want you to worry about loading up your car with all of their gear. Although we will have water and snacks provided, we would ask that your child bring their own snacks if they have any allergies and/or food restrictions.
  5. Will my child be left behind if I’m late for pick-up?
    1. Absolutely not. We will wait with your child until you arrive.
  6. Can I attend also?
    1. Absolutely! we would love it if you are able to stay and watch the camp. Feel free to participate as well!
  7. Are they able to bring friends?
    1. Yes! We would love it if they brought their friends with them. We simply ask that their friends register on our site and bring with them a completed waiver for us to have on file.
  8. Can my child attend even if it’s not the whole time?
    1. Yes. Please don’t feel that your child has to be there everyday for them to be able to attend. We understand that things come up or you may already have plans. If your child is only able to attend some of the time, that’s perfectly fine.
  9. How do I register?
    1. You can register by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Also, please print and return a completed waiver upon the initial arrival to camp. You can find the links for registration and the waiver at the bottom of the page.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the office at (508) 756-8754 or email pleasantstreetbaptistchurch@gmail.org


 Waiver & Release Form: 

Please note, this is required for all participants to have prior to their participation in the camp. We will have forms available at the camp for you to fill out, if you are unable to do so here.

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